Sunday Afternoon’s Mix of eBooks

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In The Dying Light
by Angela Carling
Young Adult

Winter Merrill knew it would be difficult when she took on an ancient curse to save her family, but couldn’t have imagined the isolated existence she would inherit. When her long-time boyfriend’s demanding college schedule competes with her needs, Winter is left completely alone to fight the dark secrets she bares.

At her breaking point a stranger enters Winter’s life, one who understands how she feels and more importantly knows how to eliminate the curse. Will his friendship be a new beginning for Winter or will it prove to be her demise?


Ruby Celeste and the Ghost Armada
by Nicholas J. Ambrose
Science Fiction

After arriving at The Pharmacologist’s Eden, a grand floating port run by the cut-throat Rhod Stein, Ruby Celeste discovers the deckhand she arranged to purchase has been sold out from under her and replaced with a man kidnapped from the world’s surface.

So after dispatching his guarding henchmen, she snatches him and then flees–but not before blowing a gaping hole in the SkyPort. But unbeknownst to Ruby, Stein survives the blast. And along with the assassins now hot on her tail, she has other problems to contend with…


Zodiac Unmasked
by Robert Graysmith
True Crime Biography

Between December 1968 and October 1969 a hooded serial killer called Zodiac terrorized San Francisco. Claiming responsibility for thirty-seven murders, he manipulated the media with warnings, dares, and bizarre cryptograms that baffled FBI code-breakers. Then as suddenly as the murders began, Zodiac disappeared into the Bay Area fog.

After painstaking investigation and more than thirty years of research, Robert Graysmith finally exposes Zodiac’s true identity. With overwhelming evidence he reveals the twisted private life that led to the crimes…


The Perk
by Mark Gimenez

Beck Hardin returns to his Texas hometown – and his estranged father – after the death of his wife leaves him with two children to raise. The town is still reeling from the murder of sixteen-year-old Heidi, whose father – Beck’s old college friend – asks Beck to help him find Heidi’s killer before the statute of limitations runs out.

Meanwhile, Beck is pushed into becoming town Judge, and he makes some powerful enemies amongst the rich white landowners when he refuses to condone their treatment of the Mexican workers of the town. As events escalate, the landowners carefully plot their revenge…


by Multiple Authors
Romantic Suspense

A Brand New Release from Bestselling Authors. 7 Romantic Suspense novels from your Favorite Authors in one Bundle. When you don’t know which way to turn, the most dangerous place to fall is in love… Only one man can help her…if he survives in time to reach her.

Nowhere to run by Mary Alford, Imperfect by Christy Barrett, The unrelenting tide by Lynnette Bonner, Saving Grace by Lesley Ann McDaniel, Prey by Lisa Phillips, Identity theft by Alana Terry, Homecoming Homicide by Virginia Vaughan


The GingerBread House
by James Richard
Historical Fiction

Set in a small town during the 1900’s, The Gingerbread House is Historical Literary Fiction grounded in nostalgia, mirth, and true love. When a journalist comes home from Europe to take over the town newspaper from his sister, he becomes infatuated with the local people and their stories.

From an orphaned young girl to a threatening politician to a mysterious and beautiful woman, each individual has a tale to tell in this anthology of brief yet captivating fictional vignettes, each of which rings all too familiar. The Gingerbread House is very much like gingerbread itself – just as tasty whether one delves into it a bit at a time or all at once.