Sunday Evening’s Batch of eBooks

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Random Acts of Trust
by Julia Kent
Romantic Comedy

Moving to Boston to begin grad school meant I was supposed to start a new life–not dig through a past I thought I’d left behind four years ago. But when I saw the poster for Random Acts of Crazy, all I could think about was the drummer, Sam Hinton, the boy I’d loved in high school and who disappeared with my heart.

Seeing Amy Smithson at my gig and watching her win a kiss from my bandmate, Liam, was a gut punch. Four years ago we squared off in a high school debate that had higher stakes than we ever imagined, and here I was…wanting what I’d walked away from…


Aesop’s Fables
by Aesop
Children’s Fiction

Meet a jealous donkey, a tortoise who wants to fly, a very special goose and many other animals in this collection of tales, retold especially for children. Aesop’s fables are the perfect way to learn important lessons about life through the adventures of some unforgettable animal friends.

For centuries, children and adults have treasured the stories handed down by Aesop, a slave who lived in ancient Greece approximately six centuries B.C. Known for their charm and simplicity, these simple tales feature brief adventures of animals, birds, and beasts – with a message hidden in each narrative.


All the Numbers
by Judy Larsen
Women’s Fiction

What begins as a sunny August afternoon on a bucolic lake turns into a tragedy when a Jet Ski swerves fatally close to shore. It’s a day Ellen Banks could never have prepared for, a day no mother should ever have to live through.

The moment her son James is killed, Ellen must face the unimaginable while trying to remain strong for her older son, Daniel, who witnessed the fateful accident and blames himself. Ellen’s shock and grief soon give way to defiance…


Rock Hard Baby Daddy
by Rye Hart
Steamy Romance

“A fast paced billionaire romance story with a dirty talking cowboy and plenty of drama, angst, heartbreak, off the chart chemistry, romance, and of course… steamy scenes.” -clpetit56, Amazon Reviewer

“You will fall in love with Reed and Bella. After ending an abusive relationship Bella joins her friend Kayla on her journey to meet her online boyfriend Rick. Reed doesn’t mind the girls are joining rodeo weekend but hes got a problem and its that he needs a baby.” -GJC, Amazon Reviewer


The Zenbelly Cookbook
by Simone Miller

The Zenbelly Cookbook bridges the gap between the Paleo template and gourmet cuisine.

With a focus on quality ingredients, technique, and balancing flavors, this book will take the reader on a journey that will leave any feeling of restriction behind. With over 100 real food recipes, “The Zenbelly Cookbook” covers every course and occasion; from simple weeknight meals that can be made for the family in under 30 minutes, to elegant multiple course dinners that will impress any guest. Each recipe has a beautiful image of the ingredients laid out, which helps the reader easily see the “before and after”.


by Dean De Servienti

Darfur, Sudan. 2009. Two doctors employed by NGOs stumble across a strange metallic cylinder, which has been embedded–for perhaps millions of years–in desert rock. Mystified by the object, they gather four of the world’s leading experts in science and technology–a computer scientist, a physicist, a biochemist, and a genetic researcher–and head to London to study it thoroughly.

The six have barely begun running tests on the cylinder, when they suddenly disappear–telling family members not to go looking for them. But word about the discovery has gotten out–and for these six civilians, it might already be too late…