Thursday Morning’s Top eBooks

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Whisper of Love
by Melanie Shawn
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4.9

Ali was barely treading water after losing her big brother, who was her hero and best friend. His sudden death left her to raise her twin nephews when the man that was supposed to share the responsibility with her went MIA after the funeral.

Kade’s MMA training made him a champion, but it never equipped him to fight off the one force beyond his control: his feelings for his best friend’s little sister. He’s sure his demons mean he’s not good enough for her, but he’s going to do everything in his power to conquer them…


Craft of Writing
by Christopher Hawke
Crafts & Hobbies
Rating: 4.6

This writer’s guide is packed full of insightful lessons on writing well. Gleaned from years of teaching writing workshops and crafting his own stories, Christopher Hawke teaches these lessons in a clear and concise way.

While a fan of The Elements of Style and Chicago Manual of Style, this book is geared more toward the heart of writing–what makes a story really work and why.


His Way
by Kitty Kelley
Biography & Memoir
Rating: 4.0

This is the book that Frank Sinatra tried–but failed–to keep from publication, and it’s easy to understand why. This unauthorized biography goes behind the iconic myth of Sinatra to expose the well-hidden side of one of the most celebrated–and elusive–public figures of our time.

Celebrated journalist Kitty Kelley spent three years researching government documents (Mafia-related material, wiretaps, and secret testimony) and interviewing more than 800 people in Sinatra’s life. The result is a stunning, often shocking exposé of a man as tortured as he was talented, as driven to self-destruction as he was to success.


Trophy Hunt
by C. J. Box
Rating: 4.5

Local authorities in Twelve Sleep County, Wyoming, are quick to label a rash of animal mutilations as the work of a grizzly bear, but game warden Joe Pickett suspects that something far more sinister is afoot.

And when the bodies of two men are found disfigured in the same way, his worst feats are confirmed: A modern-day Jack the Ripper is on the loose–and the killings have just begun.


ODETTE’S SONG: Music Is Life
by A. G. Russo
Literary Fiction
Rating: 5.0

A story about the love that binds people together, finding a way back from grief, and the true nature of “family.”

What’s going to happen to six-year-old Hunter? His parents are dead, and his grandmother is dying. He’s left with a family legacy of addiction, depression, and suicide. Hunter’s mother, Odette, wanted the husband she left for another man, to raise him, but Nico, alcoholic, depressed, and full of rage, wants no part of the child. He cannot accept that Odette, his wife and songwriting partner, left him.


The SEEING: Achill Island, Ireland 1913
by Steve Peek
Rating: 4.1

An archeological find draws the attention of Professor Branna Butler. A horrific double murder brings inspector Michael Doyle. Father McGuire, a Vatican trained monk, stationed on the island, knows more than he should.

When the Celtic god strikes the desolate island, a crossroads to connected worlds, the policeman, professor, and priest find themselves fighting, not flesh and blood, but principalities, the rulers of darkness.