Thursday Afternoon’s Mix of eBooks

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A Thin Veil
by Jane Gorman
Rating: 4.2

On detail to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Dignitary Protection Unit, Detective Adam Kaminski’s latest assignment is to babysit the senior senator from Pennsylvania as she visits Philadelphia with the French Ambassador to the United States.

When the senator’s aide is shot as the group prepares to leave DC, the FBI assumes the senator was the target. The aide’s parents aren’t so sure. Sent to DC to find out what really happened, Adam finds himself facing down a powerful senator, a desperate architectural historian and a silver-tongued ambassador, all with an ambitious DCPD Officer who’s willing to do whatever it takes to get her man…


by Stan C. Smith
Science Fiction
Rating: 4.6

Quentin Darnell was only a boy when his anthropologist parents were overcome by a professional failure so crushing it led to his father’s suicide. Now a schoolteacher, Quentin is looking for answers that can only be found in the wild terrains of Indonesian Papua, where years ago his parents studied an isolated aboriginal tribe.

Quentin leads his wife, son, and six students on a field trip to experience Papua’s pristine tropical forests. When their plane tragically crashes in the wilderness, Quentin becomes trapped in a vicious fight to protect the ones he loves…


Cookie Craft
by Valerie Peterson & Janice Fryer
Crafts & Hobbies
Rating: 4.4

Beautifully decorated cookies are within reach for every home baker, thanks to the easy and practical methods developed by cookie-crafting enthusiasts Valerie Peterson and Janice Fryer.

From rolling and cutting to flooding and piping, you’ll find dozens of techniques to turn plain cookies into fun treats for your next special occasion. With instructions for making stand-up cookies, tips on creating icing color palettes, and advice on freezing and shipping, the cookie fun never stops!


Accidental Medical Discoveries
by Robert W. Winters
Rating: 4.5

Many of the world’s most important and life-saving devices and techniques were often discovered purely by accident.

Accidental Medical Discoveries is an entertaining and enlightening look at the creation of 25 medical inventions that have changed the world – unintentionally. The book is presented in a lively and engaging way, and will appeal to a wide variety of readers, from history buffs to trivia fanatics to those in the medical profession.


Black Notice
by Patricia Cornwell
Rating: 4.1

Remains were all that was left of the stowaway. He arrived in Richmond’s Deep Water Terminal—the ghastly cargo of a ship from Belgium. The decomposed body gives Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta no clues to its identity–or the cause of death.

But an odd tattoo soon leads her on an international search to Interpol’s headquarters in Lyon, France–and towards a confrontation with one of the most savage killers of her career…


Second Chance Christmas
by Kristin Wallace
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4.9

Ten years ago, Mia Reynolds and Win Barrington spent one magical Christmas together. Until lies and manipulation at the hands of Win’s wealthy family tore them apart, leaving Mia to raise a daughter on her own.

Now, both have returned to their hometown of Palm Cove, Florida. Once they uncover the truth about what happened, can Mia and Win rediscover the love they once lost and celebrate a Second Chance Christmas with their daughter?