Thursday Morning’s Top eBooks

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The Crown in the Heather
by N. Gemini Sasson
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4.0

In 1290, Scotland is without a king. Two families – the Bruces and the Balliols – vie for the throne.

Robert the Bruce is in love with Elizabeth de Burgh, the daughter of an adherent of the ruthless Longshanks, King of England. In order to marry her and not give up his chances of someday becoming King of Scots, Robert must abandon his rebel ways and bide his time as Longshanks’ vassal. But Edward, Longshanks’ heir, doesn’t trust the opportunistic Scotsman and vows to one day destroy him.


Model Spy
by Shannon Greenland
Young Adult
Rating: 4.1

Teen genius, GiGi, is in a lot of hot water. A whiz with computers, she agrees to help her college RA, David, uncover some top-secret information. After all, she doesn’t have any family or many friends and David has always been nice to her. It doesn’t hurt that he’s super cute and irresistible, too. All she has to do is hack into the government’s main computer system.

But a few hours later, her whole life changes. She is caught and taken in for questioning, only this isn’t your run-of-the-mill arrest…


In Plain Sight
by Kathryn Casey
True Crime Biography
Rating: 4.8

On a cold January morning, the killer executed Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse in broad daylight. Eight shots fired a block from the Kaufman County Courthouse. Two months later, a massacre…

Eric Williams and his wife, Kim, celebrated the murders with grilled steaks. Their crimes covered front pages around the world, many saying the killer placed a target square on the back of law enforcement…


Wicked Appetite
by Janet Evanovich
Cozy Mystery
Rating: 4.4

Life in Marblehead has had a pleasant predictability, until Diesel arrives. Rumor has it that a collection of priceless ancient relics representing the Seven Deadly Sins have made their way to Boston’s North Shore.

Partnered with pastry chef Lizzie Tucker, Diesel bullies and charms his way through historic Salem to track them down–and his criminal mastermind cousin Gerewulf Grimorie…


Perfectly Matched
by Ginny Sterling
Inspirational Romance
Rating: New Release

Nikki Eben has had a rough start to her life and learned a few harsh lessons, one of which is about trusting people. Kicked out long ago for a single mistake–she lost her friends, reputation, and family, but gained a loving child and her faith. It took a long time to get on her feet and raise her child by herself, but knowing that there’s always a hand guiding her has kept her strong at her weakest moments–until she met Jakob.

Dr. Jakob Marlin was aghast at the sight of his new car being destroyed by the mischievous toddler running amok, and the fact that he was being reprimanded for it by the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen…


The Silver Stag
by Yasmine Galenorn
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4.5

Caught between the worlds of Light and Dark Fae, Ember Kearney was born with the mark of the Silver Stag. Rejected by both her bloodlines, she’s turned her back on her people to become a freelance investigator, hiring herself to take care of common problems like hen-stealing goblins.

When Ember’s best friend asks for her help, it leads them both into a glittering world of conspiracy and danger. Angel’s little brother has vanished, and Ember must race against time to save his life. But when Ember discovers what’s happened to DJ, both she and Angel find themselves recruited into Herne’s elite squad of bounty hunters…