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Price your book between $.99 & $2.99 and sign up for the Deal of the Day!

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Best Performing Genres: Romance, Mystery, Thrillers, Contemporary, Christian, Historical, Memoirs

Best Performing Price: $.99-2.99

—–> $30



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*Before purchasing, please be sure your book will be priced between .99 and $2.99. The Deal of the Day is not for FREE promotions. We do not feature Erotica or Short Stories. Your book should be at least 100 pages, have at least 3 reviews, and rated 4 Stars or more. Your book cover should be attractive and not display any potentially offensive images: nudity, profanity, etc. Your book must meet our guidelines as what we deem acceptable for our readers. If your book doesn’t meet the guidelines above we will issue you a full refund. Feature purchases are limited to once per month for the same title. Once your feature is purchased look for the “Return to Merchant” link. Click it and you’ll be taken to a submission form so we can collect your details. We appreciate all your hard work and wish you much success!!!