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What is The eReader Cafe?

The eReader Cafe is a virtual hangout for authors and readers alike. We are a team of passionate book readers of all tastes and styles. Every day we scour the list of Free & Bargain eBooks to find the cream of the crop and feature them here for you.

Why are some eBooks free?

Authors and publishers choose to list their books for free in order to gain exposure. Often times these Freebies are new releases and in need of reviews. Free books attract a lot of attention and get downloaded by more people. The hope is that the author will gain fans and reviews by offering a limited Freebie promotion.

Why isn't the eBook free anymore?

Most Freebies are only free for a limited time. Amazon allows authors who participate in the KDP program 5 free promotional days within a 90 day period. Always double check the price before hitting the “Buy” button.

How do I get a refund?

Amazon will promptly refund your money if requested within their 7 day return policy. You can reach Amazon Kindle Support at 1-866-321-8851 or by email at kindle-cs-support@amazon.com. But the fastest way to request a refund is by visiting Amazon’s Manage Your Kindle page. Simply select the book you would like to return and click the “Return for refund” button under “Actions”.

How can I submit my FREE Book to be featured on The eReader Cafe?

Some of our best friends are authors! We strive to help authors gain exposure while helping our readers find quality freebies. If you’ve written a quality book and would like to share it with our readers, submit here.

How can I submit my book for Book of the Day/Deal of the Day/Daily Spotlight/Daily Cookbook?

Our goal is to connect authors with readers. Nothing is better than receiving a message from a reader raving about a new author they've discovered on The eReader Cafe! Or getting an email from an author who had great success with one of our promotions. For more information on our promotions visit our Promo Page.

Do you offer books for the Nook?

Yes, we do! If you're looking for an App to read Nook books on your phone or computer, look no further. You can download the Free Nook App here. If you don't have a Kindle but would still like to read Kindle books you can download a Free App to your computer, tablet, or phone. Download the Free Kindle App here.

I liked your page on Facebook but I'm not receiving all of your posts! How can I fix that?

Facebook doesn't show our posts to everyone. You can increase the chances of seeing more posts by commenting and/or clicking "Like" or Share" when you see a post. But the best way to guarantee you won't miss a post is to subscribe by email.

Why am I no longer receiving emails from The eReader Cafe?

It's likely that our emails are being routed to your SPAM folder. This happens from time to time due to the strict filters employed by email providers. The best way to avoid this is to add our email (kindlebooks@theereadercafe.com) to your address book or contact list.

Do you offer Christian books?

Yes! Please visit our sister site, Faithful Reads, for more faith-based and inspirational books.

Do you offer more Romance books?

Yes! Please visit our sister site, Romantic eReads, where you'll find a great selection of Romance books offered daily.

Do you offer Mystery books?

Yes! Please visit our sister site, Mysterious Reads, for more Mystery & Thriller fiction.


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